PUSHING DAISIES “Oh Oh Oh…It’s Magic!”: Oh, I Think You *Are* Made of Hugs


It’s hard to sink into Pushing Daisies’ ample bosom this week, pie and adorable half-brothers or no. Writers and producers probably aren’t going to be racing to thread tiny jokes and details throughout their stories if Arrested Development and Daisies can’t make it. I guess that makes it unlikely we’re going to get more shows that segue between scenes with theater curtains or in which the cemetery in a town called Coeur d’Coeurs is laid out in a heart shape. And we should probably just give up hoping for the spinoff, Two for the Show Featuring Olive Snook. This episode wraps up by noting that sometimes the best magic is the things that reappear–maybe we can hope for a little magic for Pushing Daisies.

It’s kind of impressive that in an episode about magic they can re-conjure my affection for Chuck. I’ve been growing a little less enamoured of Chuck as she tries to impose her feelings about missing family and lost opportunities on a reluctant Ned, but the tear-jerking scene where she gets to hear Lily talk about her birth places her eagerness in perspective. And Ned’s world continues to expand, as he allows himself to embrace the role of Frere Piemaker. Add in the wonderful Fred Willard as a stand-in Magic Dad, and this episode becomes one of the best illustrations of Daisies‘ theme of contructing family.

Next week: Olive and Pigby go full-on Zsa Zsa and Arnold. It will be bittersweet, but it will be funny. Catch it while you can.


One thought on “PUSHING DAISIES “Oh Oh Oh…It’s Magic!”: Oh, I Think You *Are* Made of Hugs

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