CHUCK “Chuck versus the Fat Lady”: It’s Powdered Fruit Punch, Dumbass


It’s probably not fair to expect plot consistencies from a show like Chuck. After all, the entire premise hinges on the idea that every scrap of knowledge the intelligence community holds could be accessed inside the skull of a guy who works retail. The whole “ex-girlfriend is back in Chuck’s life, but she’s a spy!!!1!” storyline, however, is as trite as the excuse producers used to get Chuck and Sarah in a shower together. They want to have a love triangle, but they don’t want a love triangle that lasts forever. Hence, a bad-guy ex. Upon whom Chuck never flashes. There really isn’t much tension in the scenes where Chuck escapes with the Fulcrum flash drive to save Jill, because the solution to his non-treason white knighting has been so thoroughly telegraphed. Not their finest moment.

Fortunately, there’s a lot to love in the land of Buymoria even when the plot isn’t running on all cylinders. It’s nice to see the much-maligned Morgan prove why he’s a friend worthy of Chuck. Multiple mentions of dead scientist Guy LaFleur remind us that this is the second time in as many weeks characters have been named after old-school athletes. Adam Baldwin as a disgruntled bellhop will never, ever get old. And we have to applaud any television show where, after they’ve made reference to fat ladies singing and visited opera productions, the classic Bugs Bunny cartoon “What’s Opera, Doc?” is playing on the Buy More TVs. Sometimes the forest can get away from Chuck, but their trees are always worth visiting.


3 thoughts on “CHUCK “Chuck versus the Fat Lady”: It’s Powdered Fruit Punch, Dumbass

  1. Lolz. Yes, Chuck has always been more about the small details than the big picture. To enjoy the show you have to forget about the big picture and just enjoy the interactions/relationships. The Morgan and Chuck relationship is definitely my favorite, although I’m also quite fond of anything involving Captain Awesome.

  2. I completely forgot about the choirboy moment, which elevates Adam Baldwin to the true Captain Awesome.

    Brayden, did you notice Captain Awesome on the season finale of Mad Men? I’ve heard a lot of people say he was unrecognizable, but you have a good eye.

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