Fox Dumps Troubled DOLLHOUSE on Friday Nights


The troubles continue for Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse. Fox has announced its revised mid-season schedule, and Dollhouse has been shifted from its plum spot on Monday nights (where it would have been paired with 24) to Fridays (following the low-performing Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles).

The move is ostensibly an attempt to recreate those long-ago glory days when Fox ruled Friday nights with its sci fi offerings. But let’s face it, the last show this strategy worked for–heck, the only show this strategy has ever worked for–was The X-Files. The reality these days is that Friday nights are where shows are sent to die.

And despite Whedon’s optimistic report last month, network interference continues to hamper production, which was delayed last week for more script rewrites. Sounds like he should have stuck to his vow never to work with Fox again after the troubles over Firefly.


One thought on “Fox Dumps Troubled DOLLHOUSE on Friday Nights

  1. I still have hope. If they kept it on Monday, it’d have some hardcore competition on such a busy night and might get cancelled even more quickly if it can’t steal fans from shows like Heroes and the CBS lineup. At least this way it has a little wiggle room. FOX talked about their decision and I have the excerpt discussing Dollhouse on my site (–just look in my Categories at the bottom for Dollhouse if it’s not on the mainpage), and they sound pretty fair. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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