Bacon Bits: THE EX LIST, EARL and More

CBS has dropped The Ex List from its schedule, making it the ex-Ex List (har har). Other casualties of the season so far include Fox’s Do Not Disturb and Hole in the Wall, and ABC’s Opportunity Knocks.

The Battlestar Galactica diaspora continues: Katee Sackhoff will guest on Law & Order Nov. 5 and Mary McDonnell will appear on Grey’s Anatomy starting Nov. 13.

Is the wobbly economy saving low-rated shows from cancellation? And does this mean that underperforming Bacon favs Life, Chuck and Pushing Daisies have a chance after all?

• In case you were wondering how long it takes to grow Earl Hickey’s mustache, the answer is 5-6 weeks.

Entertainment Weekly remembers the 25 cheesiest syndicated TV shows.


One thought on “Bacon Bits: THE EX LIST, EARL and More

  1. Damn it Mary McDonnell! I said I’d never watch Grey’s Anatomy again. But I love you so much.

    It’s a quandary, Liz Lemon. Quandary.

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