NBC Revamps Its Wednesday Nights

NBC is filling up Wednesday nights with crime dramas, making it the first network to rejigger its fall schedule. The new Wednesday night block will premiere Nov. 5 with Knight Rider (staying put), Life (moving out of the Friday dungeon), and Law & Order (retuning to its old roost sooner than anticipated). The underperforming Lipstick Jungle (seriously, what isn’t underperforming on NBC’s schedule this season?) will move to Fridays at 10 p.m. Eastern.

“These moves will play to the shows’ mutual strengths and will help us to reinforce our lineup,” said NBC co-chairs Ben Silverman and Marc Graboff in a statement. “A Wednesday night with wall-to-wall satisfying mysteries and great dramas–paced by the return of the original Law & Order to its home on Wednesdays–will provide creative continuity that night. Fridays will feature escapist drama with Lipstick Jungle joining Crusoe.”

The Wednesday night jump suggests the network still has some faith in the critically acclaimed Life, which has lost a significant portion of its (already meager) viewership on Friday nights. Unfortunately, the move will put the struggling series up against the mystifyingly popular (and vastly inferior) crime drama Criminal Minds, which may not be doing Life any favors after all. At least on Friday nights no one expects you to perform well.


One thought on “NBC Revamps Its Wednesday Nights

  1. Hmmm–I was almost excited for a second, as I thought the answer to your question about what isn’t underperforming on NBC this season was Knight Rider. Although that puzzles me, if it gives Life a good lead-in, so be it. You make a great point about Criminal Minds, though–is there anyone out there looking for a crime procedural that hasn’t found one yet? Is there anyone who likes that kind of show who is willing to go to the trouble of changing the channel to let Life convince them of how much better it is? Nervous.

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