CHUCK “Chuck Versus the Cougars”: People Besides Teenage Boys Watch This Show

I like Chuck, I really, really do. Zachary Levi is perfectly cast, and his touching portrayal of the way Chuck is trying to find himself grounds an otherwise ridiculous show. We’ve discussed Adam Baldwin’s greatness before. I even like the Buy More crew (and could stand to see a little more of last episode’s kick-ass Anna).

So I’d really love to keep loving the show, and it would help a lot if they’d back off the “we’re going to emphasize how hot Sarah is by tossing in some soft-porn shots” jokes. I genuinely believe they are jokes–the show is just so warm-hearted otherwise that it’s hard to believe they’d be so cynical as to up viewership in the teen male demographic with extra-gratuitous girlie shots, and they’ve always made a joke of the uniforms Sarah has to wear at her cover jobs. But from the season opener’s slow motion yogurt to Sarah’s imaginary slow-motion crawl across the Buy More floor to this week’s girlfight in the showers, the joke is getting stale. Seeing Nicole Richie get her ass handed to her by our heroine is fun enough–do they really have to be wet, too?

Let Chuck be Chuck–and let Sarah be Sarah: a smart, dangerous patriot whose past is more interesting than her cleavage.


3 thoughts on “CHUCK “Chuck Versus the Cougars”: People Besides Teenage Boys Watch This Show

  1. I have only two words for the Sarah as porn star shots–Network note. Or Studio Note. Okay, that’s five words. But you know some no-talent moron in a suit told them to sex it up.

    Also? Zach Levi was apparently at the taping of one of our shows last week and I totally missed him because I didn’t stick around. 😦

  2. Ack! I can’t believe you missed a live Levi encounter! Oh, that makes me sad. Was he there to see someone specific? Will that someone specific be around in the future?

    I fear you’re right about the network interference, which means it’s not going away. And, sadly, maybe it’s working–haven’t the ratings in the younger demo ticked up ever so slightly?

  3. Network interference never goes away. Sadly.

    No idea on why Zach was at the taping. Maybe he’s just a fan? Or friends with one of our cast? They film Chuck just a couple of stages over from us, so maybe he’ll stop by again. Probably on another night I decide to not stay for the whole taping!

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