CRUSOE: Don’t Waste Your Powder

So…the opening shot of Lost + the lesser Pirates of the Caribbean movies/Xena: Warrior Princess=Crusoe. Yikes. I’m not a drinker, but I’m going to have to take a cue from the pirates and echo Captain Jack Sparrow: Why is the rum gone? Because I’m going to need all of the rum in the world to sit through any more of this. Or a great deal more Sean Bean, who has a similar effect.


3 thoughts on “CRUSOE: Don’t Waste Your Powder

  1. I’m not sure where Xena fits in there, but I agree Crusoe isn’t worth it. Boromir and Sam Neill in the flashbacks is pretty cool though.

  2. You’re right–it’s Boromir and Captain Borodin! *That’s* the show I want to watch. Maybe someone will cut out everything bu their scenes at some point for a mini-Crusoe.

    The cheesy dialogue and the quick cuts to contraptions to avoid having to go the expense of showing those contraptions working is what’s reminding me of Xena, I think. The funny thing is that I *like* Xena, so what’s the problem? I wonder if it’s that I never thought Xena took itself nearly as seriously as does Crusoe.

  3. I would add that it seemed like a huge mistake not to start the series with Crusoe’s shipwreck. It felt like one of those shows where the network doesn’t like the pilot so they start with the second episode and try to introduce the premise through a series of flashbacks which only succeed in leaving the viewer disoriented. I dunno, maybe that is what happened.

    Also, I was totally distracted by all the overly complex contraptions that Crusoe and Friday have apparently had the time and resources to build. How long have they been on that island–200 years? ‘Cause that’s how long it’d probably take two people to build to build all those suspension bridges and platforms and booby traps. And I’m assuming a Home Depot supply ship must have washed up on the beach to provide them with all the materials? Yeah, Crusoe would be a lot easier to stomach it had a Xena-esque (or even a Chuck-esque) sense of humor about itself.

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