PUSHING DAISIES “Circus Circus”: I Think That Human Cannonball Was Meant for Us!

Maybe people aren’t tuning in to Pushing Daisies because the complex mythology, the loving relationships, the layered visual jokes, and the wonderful language all roll into and connect with each other in ways that are so tangled and looped that they feel like reading. Maybe our long-winded entreaties to get you to watch the prettiest, wittiest show on TV require too much reading, too. So we’re going to make our begging short this time:

Don’t miss out on watching a show that, when a clown car drives into a swamp, spends the next several minutes on the same shot as stretcher after stretcher…after stretcher…after stretcher…after double stretcher to accommdate stilts crosses the screen while the exposition continues. If you watch this show, you will laugh, sniffle, tingle, marvel, and want to hug someone. If you miss clowns on stretchers and a cynical PI looking for his daughter through a pop-up book, you will regret it.

Avoid that regret next week. Previews show people shouting, “Nun on the run! Nun on the run!” And I’m pretty sure that nun is dead. There’s gonna be a joke in that–you don’t want to miss it.


2 thoughts on “PUSHING DAISIES “Circus Circus”: I Think That Human Cannonball Was Meant for Us!

  1. The adorable sweetness of the characters is just too much for me. If the lead character was prone to puking on other people for instance or had a troubled addiction of some sort, I might be more inclined to watch it.

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