CHUCK “Chuck versus the First Date”: Single White Female Pining for The Beastmaster

Oh, John Casey–that single white female would be me.

The story of a big box employee who accidentally uploads a CIA supercomputer into his head, Chuck had an extremely charming first season. With adorable actors crafting lovable characters, silly but fun plots punctuated by cleverly chosen music, and ridiculous jokes, our only concern–other than the less-than-stellar ratings–was that the high-concept setup wouldn’t be able to support a long-term show.

The first episode of Season 2, however, seems to suggest that Chuck‘s creators are aware of these risks, too. The spy plot, while well executed, contributed nothing we haven’t seen before, and the typical Buy More antics, while always good for a chuckle, are (happily) more of the same. They even had more brilliant music, using Flight of the Conchords’ “Foux du Fafa” to accompany yogurt porn. But floating the possibility that Chuck might be replaced by a new supercomputer provides not only a vision of Chuck’s endless potential both in the spy world and spy-free, but also new depth to Adam Baldwin‘s operative Casey. The idea that Casey has grown to like the nerd he protects has been percolating for a while, and the big streak of humor that finds him apologizing to a photo of Ronald Reagan or eagerly running to watch someone die trying to eat 90 Twinkies has always been part of his appeal. But watching the realization dawn on Casey that killing Chuck is perhaps the kindest thing he can do is the best example yet of our favorite thing about Chuck–its giant heart. They don’t have to persuade us to pine for the Beastmaster in the Crown Vic.


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