Season Premiere Finds HOUSE Making Nice?

Or maybe he just should be. You’ll recall that in last season’s finale, our misanthropic House spent a two-part episode trying to piece together the mystery of which victim alongside him in a bus crash had a dangerous undiagnosed condition. While he put himself in danger to find the answer, he didn’t figure it out in time to save Cutthroat Bitch, aka Amber, aka Wilson’s girlfriend. And Amber wouldn’t have been in the bus crash that set off the chain reaction that killed her if she hadn’t been off picking up her boyfriend’s drunken best friend, House. Ouch.

Seems House and Wilson haven’t spoken since, and things have gotten bad enough that Wilson is resigning. We’ll miss Anne Dudek‘s Amber, but we couldn’t enjoy the show without Robert Sean Leonard, so we imagine they’ll come up with something. On the other hand, can they come up with a solutionĀ that keeps the focus of the show where it belongs–squarely on House himself? Given that the entire show is an investigation of House’s twisted psyche (and Hugh Laurie‘s brilliance), we’re more sure of that than that there will be a medical crisis following a treatment at the 33-minute mark. Tonight at 8pm on the coasts, 7pm inland on FOX.


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