PSYCH Pineapple Watch: “Gus Walks Into a Bank”

I wouldn’t have thought there would be much that could make me happier than seeing Alan Ruck stumble into Psych. Then seeing Shawn try a potentially suicidal run into the bank where best friend Gus was being held hostage was even better. But Gary Cole and his SWAT team entering the scene in slow-motion to to the dulcet tones of Rob Zombie was the icing on the pineapple upside-down cake.

No suprise then, speaking of pineapples, that this episode was a triple-fruiter: first, as Shawn delivered the pizzas to the hostages, he (rightly) noted the utter criminal lack of ham and pineapple (perhaps a reference to last week’s potentially pineapple-free episode?). Second, a pineapple was sticking out of a fruit basket as not-robber Phillip accompanied Shawn to the restroom. Finally–and best–Shawn’s much-maligned pulley-driven snack-delivery system finally reaches fruition (I’m so sorry) as the snacks appear on a little tray with a pineapple-shaped hole stamped in it. The highs of this episode–the warmth in the relationships, the way the characters grow (admit it–Lassiter’s decision to break protocol and follow Shawn was a cheer-from-your-couch moment), the silly pop-culture jokes only Psych can pull off (“Tell me they call you Mr. Tibbs“)–make it a great way to end the summer season. Of course, that will leave a pineapple-shaped hole in our TV viewing until January.  If only some Ballpark Franks would appear through it–they plump when you cook them. Literally.


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