PSYCH Pineapple Watch: “Talk Derby to Me”

Color me pouty. Gus on the back burner and no apparent pineapple (“there wasn’t one” is one of the options in the pineapple sweepstakes–if you saw a hidden fruit, please do comment!). If it weren’t for the mannequins, the roller derby names–Seven Deadly Sinsderella, Miss Anthropy–and Shawn cooking (without pineapples), I’m not sure there would be much to report.

In fairness, having been born without the shipper gene, I may not be the target audience for the Shawn-Jules couples skate. Focusing on other relationships just highlights the One True Pairing of this show: Shawn and Gus. Thank goodness Gus got some crabcakes after all (even if they were three days old). Next week’s episode appears to be Gus-centric, so here’s hoping more pineapple won’t be far behind.


One thought on “PSYCH Pineapple Watch: “Talk Derby to Me”

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