Bacon Bits: CONCHORDS, 90210 and More

Flight of the Conchords may end after the upcoming second season.

The New York Times (reg req’d) has an oral history of Beverly Hills 90210.

• You might be surprised by some of the shows on this A.V. Club list of American adaptations of British television shows. American TV producers: leaving no British series un-exploited.

• Speaking of exploited British shows, the BBC is sending Top Gear on a 10-city world tour.

• So which is it, does Sarah Palin look more like Tina Fey or Laura Roslin? Either way, I’m with I09–I’d rather have the Airlock for VP.

• Now that the Associated Press is writing about the proliferation of the BSG-invented “frak” in popular culture, I guess it’s time to stop using it. (Boy, I hope the AP doesn’t sue me for referring to their article.)


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