Full Season Order for NBC’s CHUCK

In a show of confidence in the spy dramedy, NBC has given an early full-season order to Chuck. Reportedly, NBC execs have been impressed with what they’ve seen from the first six episodes of the show’s second season and decided to hand out an early back-nine pickup.

“It’s an incredible show of faith by NBC and so amazingly nice to get based on the work alone,” said executive producer Josh Schwartz.

In other Chuck news, Morgan Fairchild and Bruce “Scarecrow” Boxleitner have been signed to play Captain Awesome’s parents (Awesome!), Alias alum Carl Lumbly will guest star as a sort of sensei to NSA agent Casey, and Jordana Brewster will appear in a multi-episode arc as Chuck’s college girlfriend Jill. Other high-profile guest stars this season include Michael Clarke Duncan, John Larroquette, and The O.C. vet Melinda Clark. Oh, and Nicole Richie will show up in an episode as… some kind of bimbo, I’m guessing.


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