DOCTOR WHO in America?

Is the Doctor coming to America? Maybe. News of the World (not exactly a bastion of journalistic integrity) is quoting an unnamed BBC source who claims that two of the four Doctor Who specials next year will be shot in the United States.

“Two specials in America, with a U.S. setting and a U.S. assistant, will take it to another level,” says the source. “David Tennant is already gaining a huge following and this will make him really hot property.”

The rumors have not been confirmed by the BBC, but it wouldn’t be the first time the Doctor has visited North America–the 1996 Doctor Who film was shot in Vancouver and San Francisco.

This American Doctor Who fan is keeping her fingers crossed and feeling a bit giddy at the thought of the Doctor’s trainers touching down on her home turf.

ETA: The Hollywood Reporter is now reporting that BBC drama chief Jane Tranter is in talks to move to the U.S. to spearhead a new BBC Worldwide West Coast drama production division in the new year. Could this move somehow be related to the Doctor Who in America rumors?

Tranter, who helped bring Doctor Who, Life on Mars, Spooks and Cranford to BBC screens, was reportedly offered a number of U.S. jobs, including a position at HBO, but is now putting together a blueprint to stay with the BBC and develop major dramas for the U.S. market. There are also rumblings that BBC Wales drama head Julie Gardner may succeed her, or might even move to the U.S to work with Tranter in Los Angeles. Our hearts are aflutter with the possibilities.

3 thoughts on “DOCTOR WHO in America?

  1. I’m an American and frankly, I don’t want to see an American as his assistant. I want Martha back. I miss Martha!

    Ok, I’m done with the tantrum. I really love Doctor Who and so does my nephew. We watch it together and do aunt/nephew scifi bonding.

  2. As you say this morsel is via the News Of The World so best not to place to high an authenticity on it though it was oddly repeated with source intact by the BBC news themselves (The Beeb do indulge in entertainment gossip too these days). It does sound like shades of Paul McGann’s brief Doctor scenario so we’ll wait to see if it comes to pass.

  3. I would love to see him in the US. Its not unprecedented for him to be here (well in the story anyway, who knew Wales and NY looked so much alike?). Also I believe Peri was suppose to be American. I am glad Martha will not be returning. Her character saw little development and I think the writers were at a loss as to what to do with her character other than be jealous of Rose. I will miss Donna though, and Jack (he is always fun). Anyway, Go Doctor and come to the US, I’ll be looking for you!

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