PSYCH Pineapple Watch: “There Might Be Blood”

Wow, you can tell we are way too wrapped up in the Olympics when we managed to miss the fact that Jane Lynch was going to appear on Psych. What could possibly be better than that? Jane Lynch appearing on Psych as Chief Vick’s (the wonderful Kirsten Nelson‘s) seafaring sister and the object of Lassiter’s affection. After last week’s outing showed us how Shawn has taken his father’s skills one step farther, this week we get to see those social skills in action as our detective talks a murderer out of killing again. The season’s arc is so much about Shawn’s growth as a hum…oh, who can concentrate on any of that when Jane Lynch and a harbor seal are riding the waves?

Nearly lost among such myriad comic pleasures was this week’s pineapple, sneaking in on the Hawaiian pizza slowly rotting in the murder victim’s house as Shawn and Gus break in. Since the boys got all that grub out on the oil derrick, they walked right by the pizza, and the camera went with thiem. Tricksy psychics.


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