The Olympic Buffet: Friday, August 15

Not that NBC showed us who it was, but someone did her floor exercise to Pirates of the Caribbean during the women’s gymnastics all-around last night. Which is a wee bit funny. Maybe it was German athlete Oksana Chusovitina, whom NBC could not be bothered to show us even though she finished ninth at the age of 33.

Friday’s Blue Plate Special: If you’ve grown tired of people crossing distances in water, you’ll be delighted to know that “athletics” (track and field) start today, including heats in the men’s 100m dash, which you are likely to hear a loooooot about before the final is contested. Still, there are a couple of events left in swimming, and while we’ve joked a bit about “that Phelps guy,” Michael Phelps is putting on a stunning show. Tonight’s the scary one, though–the 100m butterfly, where his opponents include world record holder Ian Crocker. Crocker has swum two races at these Olympics (heats and semis in the butterfly). Phelps has swum two races before lunch during these Games. Can Phelps hold off Crocker and the rest of a loaded field to tie Mark Spitz’s gold record? Just after 10pm EDT on NBC.

Friday’s Chef’s Special: If yesterday’s ancient martial sport wasn’t really for you, try on your Robin Hood by checking out the men’s individual archery finals. If you’ve never tried archery, let me assure you–there is a decent chance you can’t pull the bowstring back all the way. And if you manage to pull it back a little, it won’t last, and you will have so little control over where the arrow goes you’ll be at risk of putting someone’s eye out. Possibly your own. These archers are strong. eagle-eyed, icy, and strong. Catch them in the act over some brunch on USA Network,


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