TOP GEAR Develops a New Olympic Sport

I’ll admit it–I spent a ridiculous amount of time watching the finals of the women’s trap shooting. Competitors point a rifle at something only they can see and shoot, releasing a big, impressive cloud of pink powder when they hit their (invisible) target. It is surprisingly cool, and, while it requires a very particular kind of athleticism (the phrase “hair-trigger reflexes” doesn’t come from thin air), it’s the kind of Olympic sport people who don’t look like Michael Phelps or Lisa Leslie imagine they might be able to do.

This might explain why Top Gear‘s Jeremy apparently thinks he can bring cars and guns together for fun and profit. He appears to believe he can race fancy cars around so fast he can become invisible, thus avoiding sniper fire. Since the snipers have paint guns, there are actually puffs of pink when the shooters connect with their target, just like in the real Olympics! And if you’re very lucky, this new-to-the-US episode will tide you over until the Olympic broadcast begins. The next Summer Games will be right in London–can Jeremy get Sniper Evasion on the Olympic docket by then? You can join the cause, tonight on BBC America.


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