The Olympic Buffet: Monday, August 11

Pardon me for a moment while I say: JASON LEZAK! Good heavens–and good TV.

Monday’s Blue Plate Special: It feels strange to call someone who has held world records and won five Olympic medals an underachiever, but it sure is hard to watch Natalie Coughlin sometimes (such as her opening leg in the 4X100 relay the other night). Will she wrest back the 100m backstroke record that was hers before yesterday, or will Zimbabwe’s remarkable Kirsty Coventry continue to be the best swimmer the US media never paid attention to before the Games? Oh, and that Phelps guy swims for another medal. NBC primetime.

Monday’s Chef’s Special: One of the best things about the Olympics is watching sports you played in PE or your backyard absolutely destroyed by the best athletes in the world. Today you can see Shakespeare the way it was meant to be played when MSNBC shows Olympic badminton. You heard me. That commercial with Brian Urlacher and David Ortiz driving a birdie into an opponent’s leg? Not so impossible, if you’re playing a champion from one of the southeast Asian countries that dominates the sport. Amazing stuff on MSNBC between noon and 1:30 EDT.


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