PSYCH Pineapple Watch: “The Greatest Adventure in the History of Basic Cable”

How can you tell we’re obsessed with the Olympics around here? Because we were too distracted to know that Steven Weber was appearing on tonight’s new episode of Psych. Shawn just keeps unfolding like a flower this season, as we learn how his misconceptions about his parents’ divorce shaped him or about how the way he relates to women was cemented in high school. This week, after 34 episodes of wondering how Shawn could have sprung from Henry Spencer’s loins, we discover his true role model: Henry’s ne’er-do-well brother, Jack (Weber). It probably comes as no surprise that Shawn looks up to a man who was willing to lie to a class full of eleven-year-olds. So, Shawn got his analytic eye from his father, his perfect recall from his mother, and his enthusiasm for adventure almost as great as his desire to be a koala bear from an uncle who doesn’t give quite as much love back. Nice to see the con man conned in the end, even if we’d welcome Weber’s perfect mixture of smarm and charm back to the show in a heartbeat.

Even with all of that character development going on, we still had time for Joey Bishop…er, Gus to lose his shoes in a swamp, which has the added bonus of letting Dule Hill say “puma” a lot, for pineapples drawn on cave walls and hanging out as a cookie jar in Henry’s house, and for what might be the show’s best pop culture reference of the season, as Shawn fakes a psychic episode to draw a map on a window:

The spirits are guiding my man paws. It’s like, it’s like that movie Idle Hands, except with no nudity. Which means I must be completely unwatchable right now.

Psych is often silly and occasionally essentially plotless, but it’s never unwatchable.


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