PSYCH Pineapple Watch: “Daredevils!”

Shawn is possibly joining us in trying to divine the location of the weekly pineapple (in “Murder?…Anyone?…Anyone?…Beuller?” they were on the reunion check-in tables; in “Daredevils” a large tissue paper pineapple was swinging from an inflatable palm tree carried past Shawn and Gus at the carnival), and he’s smart to do so. USA Network is now so on board their own pineapple express that in addition to soliciting pineapple recipes and quizzing the cast and crew on their pineapple theories, they are offering prizes for spotting the pineapples. Fabulous prizes, including Psych DVDs, T-shirts, and pineapple stress toys. Pineapple prizes!

This pineapple pandering is indicative of how Psych is willing to go to any length to have fun, which makes it even more interesting that this season has plumbed new depths in the characters–particularly fake whack-a-doodle Shawn. From facing his mother’s culpability in his parents’ divorce to delivering a heartfelt speech on Gus’ friendship to persuading Dutch the Clutch to choose life (“True story!”), Shawn’s bordered on adult this season. Fortunately, he’s still introducing himself as a strawberry crepe enthusiast, so there’s not too much growth. See–it always comes back to fruit.


2 thoughts on “PSYCH Pineapple Watch: “Daredevils!”

  1. I agree–these approaches have apparently been somewhat controversial, but I’ve enjoyed the balance they’ve struck this season. They’ve still had their Ferris Beuller moments and Gus dragging Shawn down the hallway and whatnot, but I like that they’re allowing the characters (Shawn in particular) to change. It’s a nice showcase for Roday, too.

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