The Future Looks Bright for Barney and Robin on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER

Don’t expect to find out who the mysterious mother is when CBS comedy How I Met Your Mother returns for its fourth season this fall. Guest star Sarah Chalke, the center of much recent speculation, will be returning for at least four episodes at the beginning of the season, but co-creator Craig Thomas isn’t ready to make the big reveal yet.

“I am not prepared to say either way whether (Chalke) is the mom,” said Thomas. “But I will also say we’re not antsy to tell people who the mom is in the premiere of season four. We have a little mystery going.”

But he did promise that the premiere will address the two cliffhangers from the finale–Ted’s proposal to Stella and the sudden emergence of Barney’s feelings for Robin. A wise strategy since, at this point, the show’s audience is far more invested in the burgeoning potential for a Barney/Robin romance than they are in the yet-to-be-revealed mother of Ted’s children.

The series seems to have been building towards the Barney and Robin storyline ever since the season one episode in which the two characters bonded over laser tag and cigars. “There will never be a more perfect woman for Barney than Robin,” Thomas said. “I think the audience will see very quickly that we’re not defanging Barney. We’ll see a guy who has these feelings and has no clue what to do with them.”

And apparently Lily will have an important role in the storyline as well. “Lily’s going to play into it a bunch, as the only one who can tell something’s a little odd about Barney, something a little different than before the bus hit him. It’s fun to see her recognize him.”

Speaking of Barney, his words of wisdom will be captured for posterity and published in The Bro Code, set to hit bookshelves in late November. Co-creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas have signed a deal to write the book, along with show writer Matthew Kuhn, who has written Barney’s blog for the CBS web site for the past three years.

Barney’s “Bro Code” was featured in the season three episode “The Goat,” and includes such nuggets as, “Should a Bro pick up a guitar at a party and commence playing, another Bro shall point out that he is a tool.”


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