PSYCH Pineapple Watch: “Ghosts”

While “Ghosts” had some interesting character development (it was actually Shawn’s mother who broke up her marriage, not Henry) and some high humor (Shawn going “boneless” on Fearless Guster), it had a hard-to-find pineapple. The frustrating fruit can be found in the lower left-hand corner of the screen in Henry’s kitchen just as Shawn comes down from his Furby-containing, Shrinky Dink-hiding, Dynamite Magazine-maintaining room to confront his parents. Look for Henry pouring wine, and you’ll have found your pineapple.

Speaking of which, USA Network’s Psych website isn’t skimping on the pineapple, either. Their new banner places Shawn and Gus in what looks like an aquarium, with a pineapple proudly poking up on the right-hand side. But the fruit frivolity doesn’t stop there: they’re actually accepting pineapple recipes. And when you click on the webisodes, the Cool Whip commecial that precedes the treat is for–I am not lying–an angel-food/pineapple cake recipe. It’s a little bit of genius. Some nice juicy pineapple–and the other wacky delights of Psych–seem like the perfect light summer treat.


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