OFFICE Spin-Off Confusion

First, Deadline Hollywood Daily reported that SNL‘s Amy Poehler had been tapped to star in NBC’s mystery-shrouded spin-off of The Office. Then, EW‘s Michael Ausiello claimed that the spin-off had been scrapped in favor of a completely different comedy starring Poehler. So, come on, NBC, which is it?

So far, NBC and Office creator Greg Daniels have refused to divulge any details on the spin-off, announcing only the casting of comedian Aziz Ansari last month, but giving no hints about the show’s premise. Ausiello claims that behind all the secrecy lurks a project that’s been troubled from the start.

But one way or another, its looking like some new comedy starring Poehler will be debuting in the highly coveted post Super Bowl slot next February. The question is whether Greg Daniels will be involved.

If Poehler does end up with her own NBC comedy she’ll be following in the footsteps of her SNL pal Tina Fey, who left the Weekend Update anchor desk to star in NBC’s 30 Rock. Not only that, but Fey’s 2005 pregnancy delayed taping of the series’ pilot and Poehler, who is married to Arrested Development alum (and 30 Rock guest star) Will Arnett, is expecting a child this fall.

UPDATE: After her Emmy nomination was announced on Thursday, Amy Poehler confirmed to the AP that she will be working on The Office spin-off.


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