Squee! It’s…

Double squee! It’s Percy Daggs III and Wendell Pierce on In Plain Sight tonight. While Daggs has appeared in everything from Any Day Now to Freaks and Geeks to NYPD Blue, we loved him as Veronica Mars’ best buddy Wallace Fennel. If you didn’t forgive them for the hackery that was “One Angry Veronica” when Wallace showed up at Veronica’s door on New Year’s Eve, your heart might be a titch hard.

Wendell Pierce has been in a ton of movies and one-off appearances in shows as diverse as I’ll Fly Away and Women’s Murder Club, and he has a penchant for appearing in shows named after people (The Gregory Hines Show; The Brian Benben Show; The Weber Show. When did you ever think you’d see those shows together?). Perhaps most amusing, he shows up on Law and Order (Original Flavor) every three or four years–as different characters. He was at his most brilliant, however, as Detective Bunk Moreland on The Wire, a cop who drinks way too much and lets Jimmy McNulty get away with way too much, but who can’t help being the one guy standing tall in the end. It appears the shoe is on the other foot tonight, as he’ll have to deal with Marshal Mary and Marshal Marshall. I suspect he’ll like the latter better.


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