THE VENTURE BROS. Have Two Daddies

I love them both (and we’re not even talking about Dr. Venture and Brock Samson here). Adult Swim is streaming video of Venture Bros. creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer free associating as they watch the recent episode focused on Rusty Venture’s Day Camp for Boy Adventurers entitled “The Buddy System”. They discuss, and I quote, the “super-heated blanket of death,” “actual gorilla language,” and “super-villain dinner theater” and are almost as funny as the episode itself. And that’s saying something when you consider the grammar obsession this episode had, from the Monarch accidentally making umlauts to Sergeant Hatred’s minions being named Private Tilde and Private Schwa. You totally want to meet the guys responsible for that now, don’t you? You can return to the show after watching the creator clips, or watch the whole episode and clips from previous episodes. Forget saucy twins Nancy and Drew–there are CSI references afoot!


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