NBC’s TOP GEAR Travesty Finds Its Hosts

If you’ve spent any time at all here at TV Bacon you know that we love Top Gear. The real Top Gear, that is. The one produced by the BBC and hosted by the amusingly bumbling trio of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond (above).

What we don’t love is NBC’s proposed American version of this unexpectedly delightful British automotive show. And the recent announcement of the American hosts doesn’t make us love it any more.

First, there’s comedian (and I use the term loosely) Adam Carolla, who made a name for himself on Loveline, The Man Show, and Crank Yankers (a resume I couldn’t be less impressed by). Then we’ve got pro racer/stunt driver Tanner Foust. And finally there’s soap-star-turned-HGTV-beefcake Eric Stromer. Um, seriously, NBC? Seriously?

Obviously, NBC just doesn’t get what makes Top Gear so appealing in the first place, and, more importantly, why its appeal goes far beyond car enthusiasts. So I’m gonna go out on limb here and predict that this remake is going to suck. And Jay Leno agrees with me.

If you want to read more about NBC’s plans for Top Gear, along with a Q&A with Carolla, feel free to click over to this Popular Mechanics article. Personally, I’m too busy re-watching the episode where Jeremy, May and the Hamster attempt to cross the English Channel in their homemade amphibious cars. *sigh* Good times.


2 thoughts on “NBC’s TOP GEAR Travesty Finds Its Hosts

  1. ::headdesk::

    I am not a fan of Adam Carolla, but am happy to know he is at least a gearhead. (“Petrolhead” as they call it in Britain. 🙂 However, they make a very good point about sponsors which has me very worried. You won’t find me tuning in.

  2. “I just see…sky, sea, sky, sea…very scared!” Ah, good times.

    While I have issues with Carolla–you’ll never get the stain of “The Man Show” off you, sir–I at least get where they’re trying to go with him: the grumpy, acid Jeremy of the group. I don’t think he’s going to be Jeremy Clarkson, but at least I see what they’re trying. Unless these guys bond instantly, however, they’re not going to capture what makes the British version great. And, yes, we’re never going to hear, “other vehicles are available” on a US Top Gear broadcast.

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