THE VENTURE BROS: This Aztec Calendar Says Today Is Your Lucky Day

…because a new season of The Venture Bros. starts on Cartoon Network tonight with “Shadowman 9: In the Cradle of Destiny”! Creator Jackson Publick (aka Chris McCullough of The Tick–he brought us Molemen obsessed with a Cindy Crawford stand-in, weaponized facial hair, and the Tick’s rodent pet) claims that tonight’s episode is “subversive,” possibly because of the focus on supporting characters. As someone who can never get enough of Henchmen 21 and 24, I’m all for that. He also promises we’ll find out what Doctor Girlfriend’s wedding night revelation to the Monarch is.

If none of that makes the least bit of sense to you, don’t be put off–The Venture Bros. is essentially the story of what would have happened if Johnny Quest had grown up to be a bit of a screwup, clinging to a vestige of his father’s scientific fame and producing sons who make the Hardy Boys looks like heroin dealers. You almost have to cheer for a hero so inept his nemesis dresses like a giant butterfly (unless you’re too busy cheering for the Monarch himself). This show is too clever by half and extremely wrong, which is why we can’t wait for new episodes. Give it a try, but have a drink in your hand. A big one.


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