CBS Pulls the Plug on MOONLIGHT

CBS will not be renewing vampire drama Moonlight, despite a fan-organized blood drive aimed at saving the show. The supernatural series attracted a devoted fanbase (as vampire skeins are wont to do), but couldn’t hold onto its post-Ghost Whisperer lead and declined even further in the ratings after the writers strike.

On the bright side, now ex-Veronica Mars star Jason Dohring is free to find something a little better suited to his talents.


2 thoughts on “CBS Pulls the Plug on MOONLIGHT

  1. What, the fourth showrunner in less than a year couldn’t save this? I’m stunned and amazed. Career advice for Sophia Myles: no more vampires!

  2. I am sad to see this show leave us, I have enjoyed watching and waiting to see what happens next – one can only hope that there is a change of mind and someone else will pick up this show!!

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