New, Improved BONES: Now with More Singing!

I’m happy to say that Bones has been on something of a roll the last couple of weeks. Okay, so most of the time I can’t even remember who the victim was after an episode has aired, much less why they were murdered. No matter, because I don’t watch this forensic procedural for the forensics. Or the procedures. Or even the plots, really. I watch for the likable ensemble cast, for the way the show doesn’t take itself too seriously, for how much fun everyone seems to be having on screen, even as–especially as–they’re sifting through gruesome human remains. And the last two weeks have been even more fun than usual, what with adorable babies and Brennan’s criminal father’s trial.

I’ll admit, tonight’s episode doesn’t look terribly promising on its face. A couple of American Idol rejects (Brandon Rogers and Ace Young) guest starring as up-and-coming singers doesn’t do much for me. Especially if it means there’s gonna be singing. You just know there’s gonna be singing. *shudder* (Note: If you don’t want to hear any spoilers for tonight or next week, you should probably stop reading this now.)

But, if you can believe Michael Ausiello, there might be a couple of deaths among the regular cast over the next two episodes. Or possibly one death and one casualty. Or maybe just a fake death and a casualty. Or something. Whatever, it sounds exciting.

Here at TV Bacon we’ve got some exclusive insider sources of our own who’ve hinted that someone’s going to get shot tonight. And that someone might just be our favorite FBI agent (no offense, Mulder, but you don’t make the cut anymore). We looooove it when our favorite FBI agent is in danger, because let’s face it, there’s no chance of his actually biting the big one for realsies, at least not without us reading about it first in Variety.

Even better, next week’s the season finale, and that can mean only one thing: the return of Gorgonzola Gormogon! *cue ominous music*


One thought on “New, Improved BONES: Now with More Singing!

  1. I want to know if you’re going to keep up that kind of talk about Mulder after July 25. Blasphemer.

    I have to admit that I’ve enjoyed the heck out of the Gorgonzola storyline and am hoping they can pay it off. Who gets eaten? Tune in next week!

    Our source also reports that Emily Deschanel looks gorgeous in her vegan makeup but that it melts more easily under the lights than non-vegan varieties. Which I have to admit is a challenge that never, ever occurred to me.

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