BATTLESTAR GALACTICA “Faith”: She Took the Fruit Thereof, And Did Eat

Well, well, well. I guess being called “the harbinger of death” by the supposedly nearly-omnipotent hybrids will light a fire under Kara Thrace, and it’s about time. Will she take this to mean her destiny is to destroy humanity, locking herself in the brig to prevent this fate and going steadily crazier? Will she interpret this as meaning she’s the arrow (of Apollo!) that will fly to the hearts of the Cylons and therefore become steely and single-minded? Will she fear she brings doom to Earth and start leading the fleet the wrong way? I’m not sure I care which she chooses, or even if she’s wrong, as long as it means this most dynamic of Battlestar characters starts moving again.

My personal favorite possibility is that Kara serves as Eve, allowing the Cylons to move forward out of their innocent but limiting Garden of Eden by introducing them to death (an idea made even more amusing by the way Battlestar creator Glen Larson used to thread little bits of Mormonism through the original series–this is a rather Mormon view of Eve). The Cylon obsession with reproduction has always been interesting given that they reproduce themselves through downloading, but a group of Cylons faced with true mortality and coming to an understanding of what their war has meant and how death means they need to face life…there’s their evolution beyond adolescence, finally. Race toward that, Kara Thrace. Now she can finally become a razor.

In other news, Mary McDonnell is awesome.


3 thoughts on “BATTLESTAR GALACTICA “Faith”: She Took the Fruit Thereof, And Did Eat

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