NBC Says Goodbye to SCRUBS… Without Saying Anything at All

Next Thursday NBC airs its last-ever episode of Scrubs, but don’t expect a grand farewell with lots of fanfare (or closure). After seven mostly-excellent seasons, the under appreciated comedy is going out with little more than a whimper.

And yet… the cast and crew have been back in production for weeks. Why, you might ask, is a studio producing episodes of a costly veteran comedy without anyone saying boo about who those episodes are for? Good question.

It’s one of the worst-kept secrets in Hollywood right now that ABC has ordered 18 additional episodes of Scrubs for airing next season. The network is expected to make the announcement at its upfront presentation later this month, but until then they’re apparently keeping mum.

Some of that silence may have to do with NBC, which got its feathers ruffled a while back when word leaked that the series was jumping networks. Of course, the series is jumping networks, NBC just doesn’t want you to know that until its tied up its run. Which leaves the network in the rather awkward position of farewelling a series that’s skipping over to a competitor. And, in a fashion typical of the way NBC has treated Scrubs over the years, it’s handling the situation by doing nothing at all.

Ironically, since its post-strike return, Scrubs‘ numbers are up 17% compared to last year, thanks in part to its cushy post-Office timeslot. And because of that, of course, tonight NBC has shifted Scrubs out of that slot and into the earlier post-Earl position (awarding the post-Office slot to 30 Rock, which will be back on NBC next season).


One thought on “NBC Says Goodbye to SCRUBS… Without Saying Anything at All

  1. I am so glad to have been following this show since day one. Even during all the time slot and day changes, this show has remained consistently funny and heartfelt. It can still make me laugh and cry in the same episode. I am thrilled it’s staying on for at least another season! We’ll see what happens with the cast…

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