Squee! It’s…

Squee! It’s showkiller Paula Marshall on Shark tonight. Has Shark been renewed for the fall season yet? If not, I’m not sure I’d cast kiss o’ death Paula Marshall, even though she’s been pretty great as everything from Jeremy’s choreoanimator (read: adult movie star) rebound girlfriend on Sports Night to Cupid‘s therapist to Veronica Mars‘ guidance counselor. I’m not sure I’d mind if she killed Shark, but it’s nice to see her around no matter what the show.


2 thoughts on “Squee! It’s…

  1. From things that I’ve heard, I think it’s very unlikely Shark will be back next season. Which means tonight’s episode will do nothing to help Paula Marshall get out from underneath the series killer title.

  2. She’s also now been cast in The Untitled Ed Yeager Pilot, who is a writer I used to work with. Does she kill pilots also?

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