Who Can Right the GALACTICA? Jane Espenson, That’s Who.

Although we saw none of the Cylon civil war that has kept this season of Battlestar Galactica afloat, “Escape Velocity” elevated the journey and made us care about our crazy galactic travelers again. There’s the intrigue of where Baltar’s new religion may be heading and what this may mean the Six inside his head is trying to accomplish (is Roslin wrong?). Then there’s the dissolution of Chief Tyrol, who may truly be angry at his commanding officer or who may just be trying to get thrown off the flight deck so he doesn’t kill anyone via his own fogginess or sleeper programming. There’s the downward spiral of Saul Tigh, who is back to seeing things and might end up actually being a toaster who is a toasterfrakker. And there’s Laura Roslin trying to drop hints about what she wants her funeral to be like. All of these stories complete the cycle of refocusing a very macro show onto tiny, painful micro worlds.

In the end, is this whole tale Bill Adama’s story? Because they’re going to great pains to isolate him. His decision to trust Kara Thrace continues to affect his relationship with Roslin (though they’re still adorable), but Kara’s far away on a potential wild goose chase. Roslin’s on her way out, too. Lee has moved off the Galactica and into politics, opposing his father’s sort-of girlfriend at every turn. The admiral has sent his best–and some of his most trusted–officers off on Starbuck’s Magical Mystery Tour (I really don’t know how they’ll survive without Gaeta). His XO and his top enlisted man are Cylons and are losing their little metallic minds because of it. I hope Doc Cottle has an appointment open.


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