SARAH CONNOR Will Be Back on Fox

For once, the future looks bright for John and Sarah Connor. Variety is reporting that Fox has renewed Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, ordering 13 new episodes for next season. The series, which premiered during the wasteland of the writer’s strike, was one of the year’s most successful freshman outings. Variety also reports that the network is looking to develop a potential companion series to the sci-fi drama.

Meanwhile, over at CBS, Moonlight is looking ahead to season two, just in case. Executive producer Joel Silver told Sci Fi Wire that he and the writers are working on stories for a hoped-for second season that he will be pitching to CBS next week to win renewal.

Both CBS and Fox will announce their complete fall lineups next month at the annual upfront presentation to advertisers in New York. But if you simply can’t wait that long to find out the fate of your favorite on-the-bubble series, TV Guide‘s Michael Ausiello has some handy dandy predictions for you in his blog.


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