Sarah Chalke Signed for MOTHER Return

Forget Britney. Seriously, forget her. What we really want to know is whether Scrubs‘ Sarah Chalke will be reprising her guest starring role as Stella on How I Met Your Mother. And more importantly, is Stella the eponymous mother we’ve been waiting so long to meet?

According to TV Guide‘s Michael Ausiello, the answer is yes and probably. Er, maybe. Hopefully?

Chalke’s return is definitely good news for the CBS comedy, which has been on a ratings upswing lately (in part due to that other guest star we wish everyone would shut up about). The chemistry between Stella and Ted was crackling, and the March 24th episode proved she integrates easily with the rest of the ensemble.

This season HIMYM has finally given us a few meager clues about the umbrella-wielding mother, some of which seem to point to Stella. And after last night’s episode it looks like we won’t have worry about what will become of poor Robin once the love of Ted’s life shows up. (And lo, did the exaltations of the BroTPers ring out across the world! Hallelujah!)

What’s more of a mystery is what all this might mean for Scrubs, which is presumed be jumping to ABC next season. Let’s hope Chalke will be able to juggle both shows.


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