TOP GEAR Reaps What They Sowed

Last year, the Top Gear boys tested their tractor mettle (which was inconsiderable) by planting a field destined to become biofuel. Their little gas plants are all grown up now, and they’re…diesel. Er.

Fortunately, their fuel can be put to good use in the Britcar 24-hour endurance race. Surely Jeremy, Captain Slow, the Hamster, and the Stig will be calm and reflective after 24 hours of being exhausted and competitive, right? Right? And surely they’ll love this car as much as Hammond loved Oliver, what with the special paint job they gave it. Since the Beeb won’t let them advertise actual products, they created fake businesses Larsen’s Biscuits and Peniston Oils and painstakingly painted their “sponsors” onto the car. I’m sure they did it just so their car wouldn’t feel left out. Wasn’t that thoughtful? Isn’t “thoughtful” usually the word that comes to mind when you think of the Top Gear crew?


One thought on “TOP GEAR Reaps What They Sowed

  1. When I looked up and saw, “ARSE Biscuit” I lost it. Then we had to rewind to see the other door. And then rewind again later to see what flag May was wearing. This episode was amazing.

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