I suppose I should be more concerned about what the Big Stuff in last night’s episode of Battlestar Galactica tells us. Are the four newly revelaed Cylon models prone to horrible sleeper programming? Are they justified in defending their secret, knowing that Laura “Airlock” Roslin would get rid of them before they could blink if she ever found out what they were? Or is Tory just kinda mean? I should be concerned about that stuff, but I just can’t be. Tory rid the Fleet of a longtime scourge, and I for one applaud her. Carry on, you crazy Cylon babe!

In other news, the Cylons continue to be 8,000 times more interesting than the humans. Why, why isn’t George Clooney here to bonk away the pain I feel at having to watch Kara Thrace bonk away her pain again?


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