TOP GEAR Goes Really, Really Fast

I suspect the Top Gear guys always think they go really, really fast (well–perhaps Captain Slow is the exception to that), whether they’re driving souped-up sports cars, speedboats, racing Winnebagos, or Oliver.

They’re genuinely going really. really fast this week, however, as they send the Hamster to drive a Formula One race car. Ever wondered what it’s like to go 200+ MPH with your tush two inches off the ground? I suspect the in-car camera will solve that mystery for you.


5 thoughts on “TOP GEAR Goes Really, Really Fast

  1. What did you think about last week? I was dying. We had to keep rewinding over and over because we were laughing so hard. My favorite bits were the door not opening all the way and the pieces of car falling off! Brilliant!

  2. I could not stop laughing at Hammond hitting another car every time he drove up. Good times!

    Must confess, I learned a lot about F1 cars last night. Who knew you have to be going insanely fast for the brakes to work?

  3. I rewatched last week’s episode last night because I thought it was so funny. Hammond driving up and deliberately smashing into May’s car while May and Jeremy are leaning against it making Jeremy crack up was hilarious! 🙂

    I did too. I had no idea that you also had to drive insanely fast for the tires to stay warm. Those tire warmers were so cute!

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