BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Marathon Leads into Season 4


If you’ve been waiting to get on the Battlestar bandwagon, now is your chance, and you won’t even have to gum up your Netflix queue to do it. Sci Fi is offering up a week-long marathon of Battlestar Galactica to lead into Friday’s Season 4 premiere (eeeeeee! hooray!). While you won’t get the miniseries that kicks the whole thing off (in short: killer robots break a longstanding peace and obliterate the human race. Sexy killer robots, that is. Old rustbucket of a military spaceship escapes the attack by virtue of not having up-to-date computers that sexy killer robots can take over and starts collecting survivors, leading them to a mythical place known as Earth), you’ll get a good look at some of the best TV that’s aired this decade.

Monday focuses on Season 1, where you will get ruminations on everything from being an occupying force to whether it’s okay to torture a machine to the relationship between polytheism and monotheism (no, really). Tuesday brings part of Season 2, starting with a shattering revelation and ending with an episode that made me wail over one of the Fleet’s small triumphs and the affection they have for the people who have sacrificed to lead them. Wednesday ties up Season 2 and uncovers more of the politics in both the human worlds and the Cylon worlds, with Lucy Lawless and Michelle Forbes dropping by to make life more difficult. Thursday provides the first part of Season 3, and with it questions about the propriety of suicide bombers and biological warfare, more mythology, and some sexy boxing (no, really). Finally, Friday morning brings the last of Season 3, sweeping us straight into the Season 4 premiere that evening (squee! delight!).

So set your DVRs and travel across the galaxy–I’ll be curious to see whose side you end up on. Roslin/Airlock ’08? Lara4Evah? (Or should that be Larbuck?) HACSR (Humans and Cylons Seeking Reconciliation)? That doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what you’ll find in this great show. I was leery once, too–don’t be afraid. There aren’t any tin can dogs. Just awesome TV. Joss loves it–you will too.


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