MISS GUIDED: Say Goodbye to These–and Hello to Judy Greer


While we are slouching inexorably (and slowly) toward new, post-strike episodes, this week provides a brand new show to tide us over. While Miss Guided–the tale of a former teenage misfit who returns to her high school as the guidance counselor–no longer has Rob Thomas running the show, it does feature the wonderful Judy Greer. You remember her as scheming secretary Kitty on Arrested Development (“Say goodbye to these! Woohoo! Spring break!”) and Maggie the Bearded Lady on My Name Is Earl (her house is made of real wood). She’s one of those actresses you always think deserves her own show–well, she’s finally got one, and word is that it’s good.

And maybe that quality shouldn’t surprise, given that the pilot is directed by Todd Holland, the Emmy-winning director of everything from Malcolm in the Middle through My So-Called Life to Felicity and Wonderfalls. Looking at that lineup, Miss Guided seems like the next logical step. If Miss Guided has characters as intriguing as Reese, Angela, Sean, and Jaye and moves them into adulthood, maybe we’ll forgive the fact that it’s executive produced by Kyle Korver‘s twin brother, Ashton Kutcher. Heck, if these adult lives are mostly contained in a high school, it’s really just another form of arrested development, isn’t it?

Miss Guided, tonight at 10:32 EDT/PDT (after Dancing with the Stars finally ends) on ABC; additional episodes this Thursday at 8 and 8:30.


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