ALWAYS SUNNY Creators Plan Space Comedy for Fox


Twentieth Century Fox TV has inked a two-year overall deal with Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton–the trio behind the FX cult favorite It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. As part of the deal, Fox has ordered a pilot and five additional scripts of their new comedy, Boldly Going Nowhere.

The single-camera half-hour, focused on day-to-day life aboard an intergalactic spaceship helmed by a rogue captain, is based on an idea by Sunny writers’ assistant Adam Stein. “All of us grew up watching Star Trek and other sci-fi series, and they’re always about these adventures,” McElhenney said. “We thought a great area to explore is what happens between the adventures, how the crew members take care of daily routine stuff on the spaceship.”

Unlike Sunny, the trio won’t be starring in Boldly Going Nowhere. They plan to begin prepping the pilot and writing the extra five scripts in October, after they wrap postproduction on the upcoming season of Sunny.


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