ABC Greenlights New CUPID

cupid.jpgIt must be Rob Thomas week in Hollywood.

ABC has greenlighted Thomas’ update of his brilliant-but-canceled dramedy Cupid, just as news hit that he was in talks with the CW and CBS Paramount to write their contemporary spinoff of Beverly Hills, 90210.

Thomas has described Cupid as a “reinvention” of his short-lived 1998 ABC comedy series about a man who thinks he’s a god sent to Earth by Zeus to unite 100 romantically challenged couples. The original series, which starred Jeremy Piven (back when he was still likable) and Paula Marshall (who once more displayed her superpowers as a show-killer), earned high praise and a dedicated fan following, but lasted only fifteen episodes (most of which can be found on YouTube, but not on DVD).

The resurrection of Cupid has been in development at ABC since the fall, and will take precedence over the CW’s 90210 spinoff. However, Thomas should still be able to pen the script for the 90210 update, which has been put on fast-track development by CW. The situation is similar to the one Josh Schwartz found himself in last year, when both of his projects, NBC’s Chuck and CW’s Gossip Girl, were picked up to pilot.


6 thoughts on “ABC Greenlights New CUPID

  1. Hrmmm…I read on Variety that the pick-up for “Cupid” is cast-contingent. That’s…not good. Because what made this show work the first time around was Piven. The casting of that character has to be spot on, so the audience isn’t sure…is he Cupid, or is he crazy? If it’s cast-contingent, that means they want a television “star” in the role. That rarely works out well. I loved this show the first time around, I’m not sure how I feel about it being “reimagined” even with Rob Thomas at the helm.

  2. Variety said it was cast-contingent, but the Hollywood Reporter said it was a go. Who knows? Frankly, between that last season of VM and his feeble attempt to improve Big Shots, I’ve begun to wonder whether Thomas hasn’t totally lost his touch. I’ll watch it, but I’m somewhat doubtful that it’ll be as good this time.

  3. Maybe Thomas is an auteur? I’ve consoled myself concerning that hideous last season of VM by assuming he was trying to use someone else’s tools–trying to shape the show the network demands that were supposed to bump viewership. While I’m not sure anything could save Big Shots, maybe he’s not the guy to be running someone else’s shop (Miss Guided didn’t work out either, did it?). But maybe he would be okay with “Cupid,” since it was his baby to begin with. Of course, easy for me to say–the very premise sets my teeth on edge (new kissing every week? Oh, hurrah.), so I’m pessimistic from the ground up. Only the fact that it’s Rob Thomas (not of Matchbox 20) makes me give it a second look.

    So–assuming Piven is not in, who would be the appropriate lead? Who will replace the choreoanimator?

  4. <>

    I’m not too worked up about who replaces the choreoanimator, but Piven. Hmmm…you need a good-looking guy (because hi, this is television, your lead must be good-looking) who can pull off the slightly crazy and have you buy that he believes it. For some reason the person who popped into my head was Nathan Fillion, but he might be too good-looking?

    For some reason I want to say that a British actor could pull this kind of role off better.

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