The TORCHWOOD Crew: Apparently Huffing Glue Since 1879


Sigh. A Kif Kroker-sized sigh. After a promising start to the season, the Torchwood crew is back to their old, pretty stupid ways. It’s not just the cruelty of giving me my fondest Torchwood dream and then snatching it away with a second, convenient Resurrection Glove. It’s not just the mind-numbing boredom of bringing the awesome Martha Jones onto the show only to tie her up and torture her every episode. No, the real backbreaker is the colossal stupidity it requires to set up a bunch of syringes with which to accomplish a hard thing and then putting said convenient and evil Resurrection Glove on top of the syringes on a sterile tray so it can thwart their ambitions. Really?

Seriously, when I think of Captain Jack musing that during his time away he had a lot of opportunity to think about his “little team,” I’m forced to wonder if his next sentence was meant to be, “…and how many different ways they can destroy the planet with their incompetence if I’m not there to ride herd on them.” The show makes a lot more sense when viewed through that lens.


6 thoughts on “The TORCHWOOD Crew: Apparently Huffing Glue Since 1879

  1. Okay, yeah, I was annoyed with the 2nd Risen Mitten too, but did you recognize the kid from The Golden Compass? haha I really liked the next episode, “A Day in the Death”. So hopefully you’ll hold out hope.

    The little visual exchange between Jack and Ianto holding the field hockey stick didn’t help matters? 😉

  2. They kind of have to tie up (or prematurely age, or otherwise incapacitate) Martha, otherwise she’d have all the problems neatly tied up by the end of the second act with her awesome ass-kicking.

    I did enjoy the dressing down she gave Jack, essentially telling him they needed to nut up and act like professionals. If only he’d take it to heart.

  3. Ah, Risen Mitten.

    I thank my lucky stars I’m not watching series 2. Be sure to let me know when the shark and the water skis actually do show up.

  4. Risen. Mitten. That makes things better.

    It’s just astonishing to me that the holes are so big, the flaws so gigantic. Sus is right, though–because of that, they essentially have to render Martha unconscious every time out, or she’ll show them up as chumps. Of course, I’m hoping she will, so that’s a bit of frustration for me.

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