In Which We Weep for the Future of Television


So, I’ve been scouring all the entertainment news the last couple of days looking for some good update fodder. And you know what? All the entertainment news this week is crap. Seriously. Unadulterated rubbish.

NBC announced plans for their summer schedule and it’s almost all reality dreck. More American Gladiators. The Baby Borrowers. Celebrity Circus. Nashville Stars. America’s Got Talent. Thanks, but I’ll pass. Oh, and apparently Paris Hilton is appearing on My Name Is Earl. It’s not enough that she contaminated Veronica Mars with her presence, now she’s got to get her bad acting all over our Earl, too?

And then I read that Adam Carolla says he’s going to be hosting the upcoming American version of Top Gear. (That sound you hear right now is Mikaela wailing and gnashing her teeth.) Cheese and crackers, have the suits at NBC ever watched Top Gear? The whole appeal of the show is that the that hosts are so lovable and hilarious that you can’t help but adore them, even if you don’t care a fig about the cars they wax poetic over. Adam Carolla? Neither lovable nor hilarious. See my previous rant on the Americanization of perfectly good foreign TV series for more invective.

But perhaps the most depressing news of all is that E! has greenlighted a reality show focusing on Lindsay Lohan’s mother. Because that’s exactly what the post-rehab starlet needs to ease her down the road to recovery: a reality TV crew following around her train wreck of a family. Sometimes I weep for the human race.

If anyone needs me I’ll be huddled in the corner watching the Doctor Who series four cinema trailer on a loop.


4 thoughts on “In Which We Weep for the Future of Television

  1. Gaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Adam Corolla! Not acceptable! Is he supposed to be the Jeremy Clarkson? Not okay.

    And to add insult to injury, I can’t get around the firewall to the DW4 trailer. I blame Adam Corolla.

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