TORCHWOOD: Have You Met Miss Jones?


While BBC America’s Torchwood has improved this season, I hope we’re not setting ourselves up for disappointment with high expectations for this weekend’s episode, “Reset”. You see, Martha Jones, the most recent traveling companion on Doctor Who, will be showing up for a visit, and she is sixteen kinds of fabulous. In fact, I wonder if she’ll solve the mystery in the first 15 minutes and spend the rest of the episode swapping Doctor stories with Captain Jack, because she is exactly that much more together than the Torchwood crew. In fairness, she’s gotten the chance to be that much more together than everyone on the planet. And apparently, the Doctor has paid off one of the 8 billion favors he owes her by getting her a great job that brings her in contact with Torchwood. Where I expect her to wipe the floor with all of our bumbling alien hunters and build a new Hub before the first commercial break.

Of course, if the Torchwoodians get their incompetence all over her, all bets are off and I start spraying the whole kit and caboodle with pterodactyl-attracting barbecue sauce.


2 thoughts on “TORCHWOOD: Have You Met Miss Jones?

  1. You know, it’s taken, like, a year to forget about the pterodactyl-attracting barbecue sauce. So thanks. Cause it’s back with a vengeance now and I have even managed to stay away from watching any Torchwood this season.

    This is going to be my abiding memory and all I can say is ‘Are you kidding me Russell? You wrote Queer As Folk, you gave Newport, Wales a thriving television industry and you made half an hour of television once that left me an emotional mess for a week, and now you’re putting THIS on the air?! I don’t get it.’

  2. Yeah…that was my bad. Sorry to bring up the Cyberwoman monstrosity again. Why, Chris Chibnall? Why? On the plus side, Martha is indeed more competent than the entire staff of Torchwood put together (also slightly perfect, which is worrying, but she kind of has some kudos coming so I’m going to let that slide). And I got my dearest Torchwood wish (well, there was no stabbing in the face, but close enough). The plot and characterization–and all of the component details–are still all the heck over the place, though.

    Now I’m dying to know what half hour of television made you an emotional mess for a week!

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