It’s Make or Break Time for JERICHO


Jericho helmer Carol Barbee has denied rumors that CBS has already pulled the plug on the post-apocalyptic drama. But, she suggests, the fate of the show could hinge on tonight’s ratings.

“Our numbers have been OK, [but] not great,” she told SCI FI Wire. “Our [demographic] has been very good; they’ve been very happy with that. But we’ll see. … If we trend up this week, I think we’ll look pretty good. If we don’t trend up, or if we stay the same, I think we’ll have to wait and see what they want to do with us. I mean, they’re going to air all seven; it’s just a matter of how they feel about producing more.”

Just in case the worst does happen, Barbee said she’s already begun looking for a new home Jericho on cable television. “There were other people who were interested in us to begin with, and now, I think, with the whole nuts [fan] campaign, and also with the amazing reviews that we’ve gotten for these seven episodes, I feel like we have made this franchise more valuable to a cable network who would want to take us on as a niche market.”

The series already has a relationship with the SCI FI Channel, which began airing reruns of Jericho earlier this month. The series might also be a good fit for SCI FI sister channel USA Network.

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