Only CHUCK Could Make That Sound Innocent


The fact that NBC is advertising the return of the last two new episodes of Chuck tonight as a Chuck sandwich (why it’s not a Celebrity Apprentice sandwich, since that’s the filling, is beyond me) could be, well, icky. But much as is true with the Wienerlicious fast-food joint super-spy Sarah works at, the double nontendre underlying the would-be dirty joke is funnier and sweeter than your run-of-the-mill double entendre would be. The show’s previously delineated love of sandwiches–no, real bread-cheese-and-meat sandwiches–makes the selling of a Chuck sandwich not just palatable, but delicious.

–Chuck’s interest in deli owner and Buy More customer Lou (Rachel Bilson) is particularly piqued when she thanks him for repairing her cell phone by presenting him with “The Chuck,” a newly-dubbed turkey and Muenster sandwich on egg bread (apparently an in-joke reference to a sandwich named after Chuck producer Matt Miller: triple nontendre!)

–Romance with the aforementioned Lou is dampened by the appearance of nefariously imported salami

–Put-upon NSA agent Casey (Adam Baldwin) is tortured by tales of sandwiches:

Chuck: (objecting to the bugging of his apartment) Do you have any idea how violated I feel right now?

Casey: You feel violated? No, no, no. My ears feel violated because they have to listen to you and that moron Morgan yammering on for four hours about what sandwich you’re going to take if you’re stranded on a deserted island.


Chuck: Sarah was just telling me that if she was stranded on a desert island, she would bring roast beef.

Morgan: She didn’t say roast beef.

Chuck: Oh, she totally, she to–completely, she completely said roast beef.

Morgan: Oh, that’s a terrible sandwich. Terrible. You know, she’s smart and she’s sexy–kudos on the costume, looked fantastic–but who brings roast beef to a deserted island? That’s a terrible choice. Eh, you know what? You’re going to have to dump her.

Casey: (listening to the entire exchange on headphones while eating yogurt): Sigh.

I’ll be taking out the filling (because Celebrity Apprentice? No.), but I’m hankering for a Chuck sandwich tonight.


2 thoughts on “Only CHUCK Could Make That Sound Innocent

  1. I’m always impressed by any show that can pull in both me (snobby lover of quippy dialogue) and my brother (Action Man). Chuck is that small miracle that does both. I hope NBC schedules it appropriately post-strike so that more people can find it!

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