12 Days of Bacon: Day Twelve

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my Bacon gave to meeeeee…

…cracker-pulling with the Tyler familyyyyy!

After struggling through a bad regeneration to save the planet one-handed in his pajamas–as one does–the Doctor chooses a new outfit, has Christmas dinner (meat paste?) with the Tylers + Mickey, observes the government he’s brought down with six words, and wanders out into the snowy (cough!) night to contemplate a universe forever changed. Since Whovians can’t stop laughing at the 40 years of questionable costume choices the Doctor has kept in his wardrobe (he walks right past The Scarf!), perhaps they might consider helping out others with their sartorial needs by donating to Dress for Success, a charity that provides business clothing for disadvantaged women so they can present a professional appearance at their interviews (they provide training, too).

This clip might best represent the TV Bacon philosophy on television and the holidays alike–a taste for some darkness and reality leavened with a huge serving of laughter, constructed family, music, and hope. (And glasses.) So we’ll leave you here after twelve days, with wishes for the merriest of Christmases, and will see you in a day or two to ring in 2008. Happy holidays!


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