LOST Returning January 31

I have this widget for my MacBook that lets me know when the next episodes of all my favorites shows are airing. It used to make me happy, but this morning I disabled it because it had become a depressing reminder that we don’t have much television left to look forward to. There are a few bright spots, however, and one of them is the long-awaited return of Lost to the airwaves.

ABC announced Monday that Lost will be returning on Jan. 31 in a new time slot–replacing Grey’s Anatomy in the ultra-competitive Thursday at 9 p.m. Of course, with the strike and all, there’s not as much competition in that slot as there used to be. (NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice is hardly enough to temp me away from my favorite castaways.)

To get you good and excited, here’s an extended trailer for the upcoming season:

Unfortunately, only eight of the expected 16 episodes of Lost were completed before the strike struck, so unless negotiations turn around amazingly quickly, we’re looking at an annoyingly abbreviated season. Hate mail can be directed to the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

In other ABC scheduling news, the last new episode of Grey’s Anatomy will air Jan. 3, leading into the premiere of Cashmere Mafia, which will then move to its regular Wednesday 10 p.m. slot. When Cashmere ends its run on Feb. 27, it will be replaced by Men in Trees, which still has 10 original episodes saved up. Big Shots is also coming back, reclaiming its Thursday 10 p.m. slot for its last three produced episodes (I warned you we hadn’t seen the last of it).


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